10-Year-Old TikToker Bella Brave Placed in Medically Induced Coma

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Bella Brave, a 10-year-old internet personality, is currently intubated and in a medically induced coma, her mother says. 

The young TikToker — whose real name is Bella Thomson — amassed millions of followers on the social media app for documenting her struggles with immunodeficiencies and Hirschsprung’s disease, a congenital condition that causes intestinal and bowel issues, according to the Cleveland Clinic

In a post to Bella’s Instagram on Tuesday, the social media creator’s mother, Kyla Thomson, updated fans on her daughter’s condition, just days after revealing that her daughter was battling a lung infection. 

“Bella is stable & intubated in the ICU,” Kyla wrote, adding that doctors believe her infection may stem from Bronchiolitis Obliterans, also known as “popcorn lung.” “They’ve told us they don’t know if she’ll survive this. I know she will. I know she has an army praying for her.”

Heartbreakingly, Kyla continued her post by sharing details of Bella’s current condition — telling their more than 335,000 followers that Bella was struggling to breathe and on “100% o2” prior to her intubation. In a later update, Kyla shared that the reason for her daughter’s “rapid” deterioration is still a mystery to doctors. 

“There has been a rapid fibrosis like deterioration of Bella’s lungs. They believe it could be an immune response. They’ve seen this post BMT but why it’s happening now and this fast is unknown to them. The one option they have left to help her lungs work again will be the large dose steroids,” she wrote in an update on Wednesday morning. 

The mom previously shared that doctors had Bella on high doses of steroids and that Bella was acutely alert of what was happening. 

“It gutted me to see her so alert asking for something to drink but having to tell her they need to give her ‘sleepy medicine’ first to fix her lungs. I then reassured her that after her nap we will have lots to drink. After that I couldn’t breathe or see from crying so much,” she wrote.

Bella Brave in a video posted to YouTubeKylaCT Bella Brave/YouTube

In her most recent update, Kyla shared that doctors are waiting to find out if the steroids and the current course of treatment are working.

“We are praying and believing we have stopped the fibrosis attack on her lungs, in enough time, that still allows her lungs to heal & function again. This wait is beyond unbearable,” she wrote. 

In the comments, the family’s followers sent their love, support and prayers to Bella. Some of their more famous fans also reached out to offer support in any way possible. 

“Only prayers love and good vibes your way. Please reach out to us if we can help in any way!!” Katharine McPhee wrote.

In December, Bella was visited by Ryan Reynolds as she recovered from her bowel transplant surgery. The pair sweetly interacted in a mega-viral video that has been viewed more than 25 million times. 

“When you have to go for a surgery like that, where they’re doing a transplant, is it scary or is it like exciting?” Reynolds asked Bella in the video. “Are you nervous or are you cool as a cucumber?” 

“Meh,” Bella hilariously responded as Reynolds retorted, “Meh, I like that attitude.”


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