Producer: Peuli Bakshi

10 Countries With Highest Number of Vegetarians


A significant portion of the population is vegetarian due to religious and cultural reasons. Estimates suggest that 20-40% of Indians are vegetarians.

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There’s a growing movement towards vegetarianism, particularly in urban areas like Mexico City. About 19% of the population is estimated be vegetarian.

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Due to Buddhist influences and health considerations, Taiwan has around 12-14% of the population adhering to a vegetarian diet.

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Israel has one of the highest percentages of vegetarians and vegans per capita, with surveys suggesting that about 13% of the population is vegetarian.

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Vegetarianism is becoming more popular in Australia, with around 12% of the population adopting such lifestyle.

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Health awareness, global trends and the increasing availability of veg products have led to around 12% of the population following vegetarian diet.

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In Finland, vegetarianism is becoming more mainstream due to environmental reasons and governmental promotions. About 12% of the people there prefer veg.

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Sweden’s food industry is innovative in developing plant-based food products, making it easier for people to choose veg options. About 12% of the people prefer veg.

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United Kingdom

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The UK has a growing vegetarian population, with roughly 9% of Britons living a vegetarian lifestyle.


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Germany is witnessing a surge in vegetarianism, with about 9% of its population choosing to avoid meat.