Producer: Peuli Bakshi

10 Hanging Plants to Attract Wealth

Money Plant

Also known as Pothos, it’s believed to bring wealth and abundance to the household.

Jade Plant

Often associated with financial prosperity, its succulent leaves resemble coins, symbolizing wealth.

Lucky Bamboo

Its association with good luck and prosperity makes it a popular choice for attracting wealth.

Boston Fern

Known for its lush, feather-like foliage, it is said to attract positive energy and bring wealth.

String of Pearls

With its bead-like leaves, this plant is thought to attract wealth and keep it flowing.

Spider Plant

It is believed to purify the air and attract positive energy, fostering a prosperous environment.


Known for their beauty and elegance, orchids are believed to enhance the energy of wealth and bring good fortune.


This easy-to-care-for plant with heart-shaped leaves symbolizes growth and abundance.


Often associated with good luck and financial prosperity, it’s a popular choice for attracting wealth.

Rubber Plant

With its round, glossy leaves, the Rubber Plant is thought to symbolize wealth and abundance.

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