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5 Traditional Dishes from Tamil Nadu You Can’t Miss 

Producer:  Mehak Pal Editor: Sujata Singh

Tamil Nadu is popularly known as the land of temples. Here are some of Tamil Nadu’s traditional dishes that you can’t miss.

Madras Curry

It is cooked with chicken, onions, garlic, ginger, tomato, lemon juice, cinnamon oil, coconut milk and a blend of spices.


Puliyodarai is made by mixing rice with tamarind. It is prepared for festivals and various occasions.


It is made of rice and lentil batter topped with chopped veggies including onions, tomatoes, carrots, chillies and maize.


Kanji is a sweet and savoury porridge meal that is made with rice water and milk. 

Banana Bonda

It is a famous tea-time snack. This delectable treat combines sweetness and savoury elements with a hint of cardamom.