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Easy Cheesy Milky Bread Toast Recipe Your Kids Will Love

Producer: Priyanka Das Editor: Mohit Bisht


   – 4 slices of brown bread    – 1 cup full cream milk    – 4 to 5 tbsp butter    – 2 flat cheeses    – Honey    – Sugar as per taste

First, light the burner and place a nonstick pan on the gas.

Now take two bread slices and make a sandwich by sandwiching two slices of flat cheese between them. Keep it on the pan.

In the meanwhile, pour some milk into a cup and spread it all over the bread. If your child has a sweet tooth, sugar or honey can be added to the milk.

Now, when the bread begins soaking up the milk, pour melted butter over it from all sides.

Rotate the bread thoroughly while roasting it using a spatula. If necessary, you can add more milk. The bread will eventually dry out and turn golden or brown in colour.

Now take it out on a plate and spread honey or maple syrup on it.

You can also try different variants. You can add different types of dry fruits or also add custard powder to the milk.

All you have to do is serve it hot and your children will leave licking their fingers.